5 Best AI Website Builders (For Fast Web Design)

Best AI Website Builders: AI has certainly gone a long way from the introduction of ChatGPT to being able to convert text into images, to now being able to convert text to even videos. But what I’ll be discussing in this article is how to actually use AI to build your own website.

5 Best AI Website Builders to Create Website Fast

  1. Hocoos AI Website Builder Review
  2. Hostinger AI Website Builder Review
  3. Durable AI Website Builder Review
  4. 10Web AI Website Builder Review
  5. Mixo AI Website Builder Review

Specifically, what I’ll be discussing are the five best AI website builders that you can start using to build your website, whether it’s a landing page or a portfolio kind of website. So let’s get started.

Hocoos AI Website Builder Review

Best AI Website Builders

The first AI website builder that you can use is called Hocoos. I like the interface and the UI and UX of Hocoos. I’ll show you exactly how it works, but essentially what you are able to create are websites based on eight quick questions.

A couple of its features include being able to have this kind of booking system that they have in place, it’s built in. You can also start a store and have a blog in place on your website integrated. For instance, if you’ve got a beauty and wellness business, here are a couple of key features that you can integrate, including an online booking system.

You’ve got team scheduling, client management, and you can also create beautiful portfolios using it. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll answer some questions as described on their landing page.

So asking, “What category best describes your website’s purpose?” Is it a store, is it a service? Is it a portfolio or blog? You’re given a few subcategories here. So let’s say we are a marketing agency.

In the next step, it’s asking, “Personalize your website by selecting the services you wish to offer.” So I’ll just select social media management. Let’s say we want to sell products and get bookings but not collect testimonials.

Next is where your business is located. Is there a business address? Is there a service area or online business only? I’ll select online business only.

All right, “What do you want your business to be called?” I’ll just name mine XYZ agency.

Here’s where you can highlight three unique aspects of your business. So let’s say friendly customer service. We’ve got affordable prices, easy navigation.

After this, you will see the editing mode where you can go in and change the headings, even using the AI writer that’s built-in if you need assistance. So Hocoos makes it easy for you to simply navigate and change what you want.

On the left, you’ve got a few options such as adding a new widget to the page. You’ve got website pages, so if you want to add an about page and things like that, you can do that with that. And go to store, so this is where the e-commerce is integrated as well as the actual design and uploading images. At the top is your website’s address. If you want to use a custom domain, then you will need to upgrade. Upgrading includes a custom domain, unlimited image uploads, and AI content generation plus more features. At the moment, these are what the plans look like, $150 a year. Otherwise on a monthly basis it’s $15.

My Thought

So my thoughts on Hocoos are that it’s easy to use, beginner-friendly, all you need to do was answer a few questions. And then out comes your website, it’s easy to use in terms of the tools and you’re able to move things up and down, adding different elements, adding different widgets to the website.

But what it lacks is, I guess, that flexibility. So if you need something more advanced where you can play around with the settings more and the layout, then Hocoos may not be your choice, but because it is that simple to use, it may be all you really need to get your website up and running.

Hostinger AI Website Builder Review

Best AI Website Builders

Next up on the list is from our kind sponsor Hostinger. They’ve got a built-in AI website builder that you can use. They’re primarily a web hosting company but because it is a web hosting company, they know exactly what a website involves and the server to back it up, right?

You will see in a minute just how simple it is to use Hostinger to build your website plus more. But in terms of their pricing, they start at just $2.99 per month and they always have a sale going on. But the plan I recommend you go with is Hostinger’s business plan starting at just $3.99 per month.

In addition to some of the top features such as being able to create up to 100 websites, you get 200 gigabytes of storage. You also get free email and a free domain name of your choice. And especially if you’re selling something online, you get top e-commerce features not found in the other plan. In addition, 0% transaction fees.

So Hostinger doesn’t charge any fees whenever you sell a product. Plus, you can accept over 20 payment methods on your e-commerce website.

Well, let’s now go ahead and build a website using Hostinger’s AI website builder. And it’s going to ask you do you want to create or migrate a website.

We want to create a new website and here’s where the fun begins. You can start with Hostinger’s AI Website Builder, which is what we’re going to do or even use WordPress for more flexibility and advanced options. But we are going to use Hostinger’s Website Builder and you’ll see later on just how easy it is to use. Next is to name your website

Follow the rest of the steps, and once you’re done, you’ll be taken here where it says, “Let’s create a website in one minute.

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Next enter your brand name, your website type, whether it’s an online store, blog, business, showcase, portfolio, or other, and then describe what you do. So at this point you can simply sit back and relax. Alright, so that took less than a minute to produce what you see right now.

My Thought:

The beauty of using Hostinger’s AI Website Builder is that it’s completely flexible because it is a web host and a website builder first and then all these AI website builder is a byproduct of it. But a couple of other things that you can play around with right here is the style, different color palettes as you can see and it changes in real-time depending on your branding.

Durable AI Website Builder Review

Best AI Website Builders

The next AI website builder is called Durable and their claim is you can build a website in 30 seconds with AI. I did try this, but of course, it’s not as flexible as what you would get if you were to build your website with Hostinger.

  1. Click on “Generate your website” to start the process.
  2. Choose the type of business you’re building (e.g., accounting) and click “Next”.
  3. Enter the name of your business when prompted.
  4. Wait for the platform to pick a color palette and layout for your website.
  5. Once the website is ready, explore the editor to make modifications.
  6. If you want to regenerate specific sections, such as the heading, click on the respective option.
  7. Sign up for an account to access further editing options.
  8. Edit various sections of the website, including the heading, subtext, alignments, buttons, and images.
  9. Create new pages by clicking on “create a page” and selecting a template.
  10. Explore different device views and optimization features.
  11. Keep in mind that while Durable offers some flexibility, it may not be as customizable as other platforms.

My Thought:

Durable offers some flexibility, it may not be as customizable as other platforms. So if that’s something you want and you simply want a website that looks similar to this, then Durable might be all you need.

10Web AI Website Builder Review

Best AI Website Builders

We’ve got 10Web which originally was a website builder but now they’ve integrated AI into it. When you click on “Generate your website,” that’ll take you to the wizard and the steps. What makes I guess 10Web different is that it actually creates a WordPress website for you with the WordPress backend, right? So once you click on create, you can create a new website with AI and here are the steps you go through. So selecting the business type, I’ll just select digital agency, very similar steps to some of the other tools that we’ve already mentioned.

  1. Choose the “Ocean” style and click “Next”.
  2. Select the first website design option and click “Next”.
  3. Enter your company name and description.
  4. Provide detailed content for better results.
  5. Enter three main services or features.
  6. Optionally, enter contact details.
  7. Choose the tone of voice (e.g., formal).
  8. Sign up to create your website.
  9. Review the produced website.
  10. Explore the included features such as services, ratings, benefits, and team information.

The only thing about 10Web is that you do need to subscribe to one of the paid plans. I think there is a trial, but if you click on edit, it will prompt you to give it a try for seven days and you’ll get access to all these things. But when you click on try, you’ll be asked to sign up to one of its plans from personal to agency and then you’ll need to enter your payment details.

So this may not be for you if you don’t want to commit just yet but if you like what you saw and wanted to produce in the preview, then it may be worth going and trying it out for seven days. There’s no commitment, you can cancel it. But that’s 10Web in a nutshell.

Mixo AI Website Builder Review

Best AI Website Builders

The last and final AI website builder is called Mixo. This one promises to launch a startup in seconds with AI which I feel is a little misleading because you know, it’s not fully launching your startup but more so the actual website. When you click on “Get Started for free,” it’ll take you to the step, “So what’s your startup about?”

I’ve just used an example from here. So personalized yoga plans to help members improve and reach their goals. Let’s click on generate site and see what it’s going to come up with. The thing with Mixo is that it actually helps you come up with a brand name. So it may not be for you but what it’s come up with is Yoga Flow in this case.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that Yoga Flow is available as a business name. It could be trademarked, the domain name may not be available but I think for testing purposes it may be useful. But here we go, this is what it’s produced. We’ve got like this heading and an email address form that you can enter and some other features and benefits and yeah, the thing with Mixo is that it heavily focuses on building an email subscriber base.

So I don’t believe there’s an option to add e-commerce, integration, and things like that. So it’s mainly just to collect emails. The editor is quite simple to use. This is a website that I generated not too long ago but if you go to settings on the page, you can upload your own site logo, changing different fonts and colors. So really basic in that case.

But if you do wanna publish, you can publish for free but only have one page. So good enough for like a simple landing page. Otherwise, if you want more, you will need to upgrade. Out of all the AI website builders, Mixo is perhaps the easiest in terms of generating a website, but of course, it’s all just making it all up using AI and AI-generated content and images. But in terms of flexibility, it’s just not there for someone who wants to get a website out there, it may not be enough.


Alright, and those are five AI website builders to give a try. I’ll leave links to all of these services and platforms below this video so you can go there, take a look, and experiment it for yourself to see which one you like.

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